Video Highlights of our Outing to Mendon Ponds Park

Eighteen Harley Birds turned out Saturday to tour Wild Wings. We saw a variety of owls, hawks and a buzzard named "Barf." Our expert guide, Gina, told us the story of each bird. Most of them had suffered in encounters with humans, and brought to Wild Wings for protection. "Athena", a bald eagle, was run over in Alaska by a malicious snowmobiler. You may have known that peregrine falcons reach speeds of 200 miles per hour in a dive, but did you know that their eyes have special lenses to protect them?

We warmed up at a wood stove and gulped hot chocolate before heading out into the park to feed the chickadees. Fresh snow made the woods a fairyland, and the squirmiest child became still as a statue trying to entice the small birds to take seeds from outstretched hands.


Grade 6 Pursues Sun-Shade Coffee Issue

Grade 6 is currently engaged in creating a display for Science Fair 2013 that will raise the community awareness of the issues related to sun vs shade coffee and the impact on migratory songbirds.
Resources they are using include the following:
Storify Llink for Sun-Shade Coffee

Bird Club Notices and General Information

MLK Day Trip to Motsenbocker Farm

The Harley Birds' had a BLUE BIRD BLAST building new boxes and clearing old ones for spring nesting on a blustery day in the frozen fields of Macedon. A big thank you to Ken and Connie Motsenbocker, our gracious hosts who greeted us with smiles and quantities of hot chocolate.

1) Fosters host club outing 10/20/12

Bart White reports:
The Harley Birds' first outing was a big success! Birdwatchers met at the home of the Foster family (Linda, Sandy, Madeline & Eleanor) bright and early on Saturday, October20th. We had blue skies and sun---a perfect fall morning for spotting birds. The wild turkeys the Fosters see regularly did not show themselves, but we saw blue jabs, robins, a downy woodpecker, a lone crow and heard the songs of birds that stayed hidden.

Alexander & Judy Wassaly, Stella & Bart White, and Julie Vandemar represented the Lower School. The four Fosters and Jacob LaDue represented the MIddle and Upper Schools. Eva Regelski & Lilly Scalia of the Upper School came along with Peter Hentschke and daughter, Abbey, as well as citizen science coordinator, Robin Long

Organizing in Foster's driveway.
First efforts in side yard.

Foster's woods.

All ages took part.

Best sightings - field below Foster's property.

2) Bird Calls

The link below is a fun way to start learning the bird sounds we hear in our area.
Bird Call Challenge

3) Sun vs Shade Coffee

Below is a short series of video clips filmed by a sixth grade student to highlight the work a group of grade sixth students are doing on behalf of our migratory songbird populations.
Grade 6 works on behalf of our songbirds.