Fall Zoo Trip
Report and photos by Ms. Bates
After studying physical and behavioral adaptions in class, 44 Harley 5th graders traveled to the Seneca Park Zoo where they attended an "Amazing Adaptations" presentation by Mr. Kenny Nelson. They met four rats ( named after cheeses: Brie, Blue, etc.) who were adapted to avoid predation. They asked dozens of questions about the boa, Colossal. Students were in awe of the many physical and behavioral adaptions possessed by the rooster used to attract a mate. However, the favorite by a landslide was Minnow, the talking parakeet, whom Kenny has spent many years [[#|training]] using positive reinforcement.

Later in the day the fifth graders collected data at an exhibit of their choosing. Even though they had collected background research many were able to report on the biotic and abiotic factors in the organism's zoo environment. This included vegetation, food, water, space, etc. In addition to observing and sketching the habitat, students studied the behaviors of the organism and recorded the action being performed (sleeping/resting, eating, social interaction, playing, grooming oneself, roaming) every thirty seconds on a checklist. After visiting several additional creatures, the perfect end to the outing was enjoying the Zoo's "Step into Africa" exhibit.
Below is a short photo show of the trip.

School-to-School Trip
On October 9, 2012, Grade Five took part in the School-to-School program with the Martin B. Anderson, School #1. The fifth year of the program, it involves a fall water exploration event at Cobbs Hill Park (located just down the road from School #1) and a spring water exploration event at Harley. This program has been made possible by the financial and personnel contributions of Adopt-A-Stream . For thirty years, Adopt-A-Stream has worked on behalf of the water quality of Upstate New York’s rivers and streams. With a three pronged mission of Testing, Teaching and Preserving, they are a wonderful resource for the environmental goals of our K-12 curricula. Adopt-A-StreamIn addition, to these goals, the School-to-School experience also promotes awareness of issues around diversity and opportunity. The video clip below provides a mini-view of this recent School-to-School exploration.
Water: Shared Resource-Shared Exploration

April - Science Math Olympics
Science and math classes recently borrowed the Centrum to toss, pour and estimate...all in metric measure.