Shade Coffee Project

In the fall, when the Last Bird project visited Harley, a group of grade six students became aware that there were many issues related to bird habitats and wanted to create a display to share their understanding. Since that time, this same group of students created another display for the science fair. The short video below explains the reasons for their new 'raising community awareness' effort.

Grade 6 Environmental Action on November 8, 2012

Lost Bird Project Display
The link above, which also appears on the Bird Club page, has video cuts recorded by a sixth grade student on behalf of the work her classmates are undertaking to focus attention on the environmental benefits of growing Shade Coffee. They became interested in this subject after learning that many of our migratory songbird populations are dropping due to the habitat destruction of their winter homes in the rainforest. Coffee, traditionally grown within the rainforest, is now largely grown in large areas cleared of rainforest. This latter way of farming produces what is called "Sun Coffee" because it is grown in full-sun. "Shade Coffee" preserves the rainforest environment. Students hope to bring this issue to the attention of local retailers later this year. Meanwhile, they created a display about it for The Lost Bird Project. They spoke knowledgeably when filmed by the crew that was covering The Lost Bird Project and were soundly thanked by Mr. Andy Stern, a Harley Parent and one of the people most responsible for The Lost Bird Project's promotion and success.