Evolving Outdoor Education in Grade 7

For Grade Seven, the spring trip to Boston has long served as the foundation learning-beyond-the-walls expedition. However, the middle school staff recognizes the unique benefits of Outdoor Education (connecting to self, connecting to each other, connecting to the natural world) and is exploring how to create an appropriate fit for Grade Seven that bridges those of the Grade Six and Grade Eight Outdoor Education experiences. This past year, students took a half-day kayaking trip on Irondequoit Bay before returning to Harley for a school-site camping overnight.

Below is Mrs. River's description of the trip and photos of the event.
"The Bay Creek Paddling Center was the location of the first part of the 7th grade overnight experience. The class received instruction on safety, proper entering/exiting of the canoe or kayak, and how to make it move the direction you want it to! Very funny at times as some of them ended up in the reeds or backwards. Unfortunately, just about the time all the boats were in the water a flash thunderstorm settled in above us and the skies opened up to pour buckets of rain over us. We were all instructed to quickly turn around and head back. You will see the progression of the weather in the photos; from sun to rain in a matter of 20 minutes... It will be something the kids talk about for many years. Enjoy!"