October Project X

What is Project X?
For Students, it is:
  • an inquiry afternoon of activities with a given focus
  • working across grade levels
  • faculty and upper school students supporting the activities (developed by a voluntary team of LS and other Harley faculty)
  • all participants gathering in the Centrum for a 'kick-off', then heading to designated areas for exploration
  • activities driven by creativity, passion and choice
What is Project X?
For Faculty, it is:
  • each of the four days a different group of LS teachers, other Harley faculty and US students assisting/mentoring the LS students
  • all other LS teachers meeting in cross grade curricular discussion groups
  • curricular discussions driven by creativity, passion and choice

Project X is a win-win experience for everyone.

The first Project X took place in late October with a focus of Water. A few highlights from this event are shown below. Please note, most of the activities took place either outside or in individual classrooms. This video snap includes only the creek critter exploration that took place in the Centrum.

January Project X 2

Project X 2 was held on January 9, 2013. The short (under 6 minutes) video below provides a summary of the afternoon's highlights.

March Project X3

Project X 3 took place on Wednesday, March 13th. To appreciate the flavor and intent of this event, see the video clip below.

April Project ​X4

Clips from the last Project X of the year appear below. It took place on April 25th.