What is Water for South Sudan?
Water for South Sudan was a Middle School Student Council initiative proposed two years ago to raise $15,000 dollars to drill a well in South Sudan. Started several years ago, it is now an effort that involves both middle and upper school students. The following link is an article about this project that appeared March 1, 2012.
Brighton Pittsford Post

What is the connection between Citizen Science and this project?
An important aspect of Citizen Science (C.S.) is its ability to highlight global environmental needs. While people commonly think of C.S. in terms of data collecting on behalf of science research, it can be far more than simply having people function as "tools of science". In this particular situation, students are working hard to raise community awareness about the serious global water shortages via their fundraising drive. For more information regarding Global Water issues, below are several UN links:
Water Resources
Drinking Water and Sanitaion
Water Use

Video Clip where Upper School Students Explain This Year's Fund Drive Goals
Student Video Update

For more information:
Water for South Sudan Home Page